About Het Gesprekspunt

In 2017 I have founded my christian psychologypractice, Het Gesprekspunt (‘The Conversationpoint’), in Ede. With this I want to offer help based on the fundements of the Bible. This influences which types of treatment I offer or not, and how I view people, problems, and mental health care. I will tell you more about that here.
Everyone is welcome to follow treatment at Het Gesprekspunt (‘The Conversationpoint’), whether or not you are a christian.

Since the 1st of January 2014, Dutch mental health care is divided into three groups:

  • General practice care: provided by general practitioners and GP assistants-MHC.
  • Generalistic Basis MHC: previously known as first line care
  • Specialised MHC: previously known as second line care

My practice offers help within the Generalistic Basis MHC. People who can not be helped by the general practitioner, but don’t necessarily specialistic help can come to my practice. Are you unsure about the type of help you are looking for, contact me and we can look into it together. Treatment in the Basis MHC is client-focused. Together with you I will look in a concrete and practical way to which your request for help you have and how to solve this.

Let me introduce myself

I am Lisette Staples MSc, psychologist…

Christian approach

Het Gesprekspunt is a christian psychologypractice.





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