Christian approach

Het Gesprekspunt is a christian psychologypractice. This means that I work with a christian view of life. My help is available to both christian and non-christian clients andd I have respect for everyone’s individual view of life or religion. Everyone is welcome! Below I want to explain what this christian background means to my practice:

As a christian psychologist I have both similarities and differences with a non-christian, or secular counselor. We both use the same science with the same psychological techniques, and the structure of the conversations is comparable to secular counseling. Just like any secular psychologist we will first get clear what the problems are, set goals for therapy and make a plan. In order to do this, I use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). These therapytechniques have been scientifically proven to be very effective in treatment.

As a christian-psychologist I view the Bible as the word of God. The Bible makes clear who we are and who God is. The Bible says God created people in his own image (Genesis 1:26). No human is on this earth by accident. God wanted you to be here. You are valuable, regardless of who you are, what you can do or what you have. But life sometimes goes different than we hoped. We have to deal with disappointments, disease, financial problems or disturbed relationships.

Therapy can be a way to get rid of psychological symptoms or to learn to live with certain difficulties. Fortunately therapy can help people a great deal. But even when you get help, this is no guaranty that everything will go as you want it to go. The Bible guides the steps you take in life. Through the Bible we can get to know God and start over with his help. Only when you put your faith in God, no problem or circumstance can keep you from reaching God’s purpose for your life.


Through this view of life I’m not only looking at the consequencces of problems to your thoughts and feelings, but also to your faith. It is possible that I will ask about this during our conversations. Doing so, I do always keep the background of every client in mind. If you wish, I can also sometimes finish a conversation with prayer.